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Wind Energy Facts

There are many different wind energy facts relating to the use of this renewable energy source.
Wind energy is fast becoming a more popular choice for many large scale renewable energy designs and construction.
A well known wind energy fact lies within the opposition usually met from a proposed wind farm development and this is down to the "NIMBY" factor (not in my backyard).
Most people would like the idea of a wind farm proposal to provide clean, cheap electricity from wind energy, yet how many of these people would like a wind farm close to their home?

The "NIMBY" factor is something we are going to have to get used to and be prepared to live with in future decades.

In 2007 it was estimated that only 1 - 2% of the worlds energy supply comes from a renewable wind energy source.

In some smaller countries (such as Denmark) the fact that they are able to provide between 20 and 40% (2007 figures) of the countries energy demand through the use of renewable wind energy, shows the potential of wind energy and that this just becomes a way of life.

Another fact of wind energy is shown through the effectiveness of one well placed turbine.

Some households across the U.K are taking advantage of the average wind energy and have attached a varied amount of small wind turbines to some homes in order to cut electricity bills.

Larger scale wind energy developments have a well known fact of been able to provide electricity to large villages or small towns.
A lesser known fact concerning wind energy is the placement of wind turbines and how this can greatly affect the long term efficiency of a small or large scale, wind energy project.

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