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How Do Wind Turbines Work

This article covers the topic of how wind turbines work, in order to provide a basic understanding on the process of electricity production from the wind.
Firstly, it is important to understand the design of the two main types of wind turbines available today.
It is significant to ask this question as the two main types of wind turbines are horizontal and vertical, and these designs use the wind in slightly different ways regarding the wind energy harnessing process.

Horizontal wind turbines are the more common design, and use angled propeller type blades to create friction when facing the wind, resulting in the spinning motion.

The vertical turbine design uses the wind to spin on a centre point on the ground, resulting in the whole construction spinning round.

The process of electricity production is significantly similar in both designs. The construction only makes a difference in the position and design of the blades which are used to create friction with the wind.

A good way of thinking about the basics of wind power is by comparing a wind turbine to an electric fan.

An electric fan uses electricity to create the blowing motion (which is your wind), and a wind turbine works in the opposite direction, using wind energy to blow the blades, which are attached to a generator, creating the electricity.

So when the wind turbines blades are spinning, what happens next? Well the blades are attached to a long shaft (in horizontal wind turbines, pictured above). Inside the long neck of the wind turbine design, the shaft begins to turn which is connected to a generator, and this generates the electricity.

So there is the basic understanding of how wind turbines work. Wind power generation is a fairly simple process, and some people have had great success in building a home wind turbine from scratch.

Wind power is seen as a very good source of renewable electricity, yet many people still prefer the convenience, and reliability of solar panels, when choosing a renewable energy source for their home.
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