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2-In-1 Green Mode Power Switches Boost Efficiency

Source: EFY Magazine

As today’s consumer electronics and home appliances become more sophisticated, they require better performance and reliability. Designers of these types of switch mode power supply (SMPS) systems need space-saving, cost-effective power supply solutions with high energy efficiency that meet strict energy regulations. In response, Fairchild Semiconductor’s new FSL1x series of FPS Green Mode Power switches helps designers address these challenges.

The highly-integrated FSL1x series is a two-chip-one-package design with an avalanche-rugged 650-800V SenseFET and a current-mode pulse width modulator (PWM) that is specifically designed to reduce component count and system costs for offline SMPS. Additionally, the green-mode functionality of the PWM controller helps to meet global energy regulations by minimizing standby power consumption.

The power switches allow for a longer survival at breakdown mode due to Fairchild’s vertical DMOS technology with rugged avalanche characteristics, making them superior to the competitor’s designs that utilize lateral DMOS technology. For maximum design flexibility, system productivity and reliability, the FPS family allows for single platform design for various input voltage requirements, so that both domestic and export models can meet all standard passive component requirements.

Source: EFY Magazine