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Silent wind Turbine

To harness the wind for energy, a silent wind turbine is taking the world by storm (pun intended). Wind energy naysayers have often cited the noise of wind turbines as a negative factor.

One of the earliest devices to harness the power of the wind was the windmill, which was used to pump water and grind grain. The modern equivalent of the windmill is the silent wind turbine, which, like the windmill, uses propeller-like blades to catch the wind. These blades then spin a generator, producing electricity.

Harnessing energy from silent wind turbine technology has recently been developed by innovative design companies, including an Australian company, Renewable Energy Solutions Australia (RESA). This company has recently completed the commercial installation of their Eco Whisper Turbines in Tullamarine, Victoria.

Tony Le Messurier, CEO of Renewable Energy Solutions Australia (RESA), is very proud of the Eco Whisper Turbine.
“It’s a very exciting time for the Eco Whisper Turbine,” Mr Le Messurier said. “This is our second commercial installation in Victoria, which marks a crucial milestone in our evolution and the adoption of renewable energy.”

Not unlike the original wind turbines, the windmill, a silent wind turbine produces energy from the wind and emits no harmful greenhouse gases while being operated, no methane, no carbon dioxide, and now thanks to the latest innovation, no noise.

An Australian success story, the 20kW silent wind turbine was unveiled after two years of comprehensive development and testing.

The silent wind turbine produced by Eco Whisper Turbines also has the added ability to capture up to 30 percent more energy than traditional three-bladed wind turbine designs.
According to Renewable Energy Solutions Australia, these silent wind turbines are well-suited to mid-sized commercial, manufacturing and industrial facilities that are looking to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and lower the impact of the carbon tax on their earnings.

“This installation is another significant step towards proving that wind power is a safe and cost-effective clean energy alternative,” adds Mr. Le Messurier. “This project paves the way for future installations, not just in Victoria but around the world.”
Source: ecocitizenaustralia